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We make it easy to sell on the internet!

The fundamental product sales tool is the catalog.  The IntelliMerchant system from IntelliCatalog, Inc. provides the way for you to create and maintain your online catalog and process sales orders using only your browser.

To profitably compete in the ecommerce marketplace the right system is required.

At IntelliCatalog, Inc. we offer you that system.  Not one which was 'good enough' for yesterday.  Not one to 'get by with' today.  We offer the system which will allow your business to expand easily as ecommerce grows.


S&H capabilities enhanced to include the USPS rate to the ship-to zipcode.

S&H capabilities enhanced to include the ability to specify a surcharge on orders shipped outside the country.

Automatically uploads to Froogle™ product search engine!

IntelliMerchant is a powerful and feature rich ecommerce platform which allows large and small manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to easily create catalogs that are accessible to their customers over the web.  Importantly, you can manipulate your catalog (e.g., change prices, process orders, broadcast emails to customers) from any computer connected to the internet by merely filling out a few forms.  You do not have to learn any programming jargon or master the intracies of FTP.  IntelliMerchant makes it easy!
 Features, Features, Features
What good is your web catalog if it is too weak to help you make sales?  IntelliMerchant provides:
  • a secure server shopping cart
  • catalog searching
  • true credit limit enforcement
  • real-time inventory capability
  • affiliate tracking capability
  • merchandising tools
  • marketing facilities
  • distributor and retail customer bases supported simultaneously
  • extensive pricing abilities
  • multi-state sales tax tracking
A complete list of IntelliMerchant's capabilities
 Web Catalogs are NOT All Alike
There are a number of methods available to you to create a catalog on the web.  These approaches have very important differences between them in the areas of operation, ease-of-use, flexibility, ease-of-change, and most of all: security.  Let IntelliCatalog, Inc. show you how it is different from all the rest.  The IntelliCatalog Difference

Factors to consider when implementing an online catalog and ordering system: Catalog Requirements Checklist

And, unlike some of our competitors, IntelliCatalog, Inc. does not sell advertising banner space on your catalog pages to your competitors.
 IntelliMerchant Catalog Appearance
Jende's Flower Collection Jewelry Jende's Flower Collection Jewelry uses IntelliCatalog, Inc.'s services to create the online catalog which supports their retail and wholesale sterling silver jewelry business.  They have graciously allowed us to use their site to exhibit some of the features of IntelliMerchant.

Tour Jende's Flower Collection Jewelry catalog
 Incredibly Affordable
If you have read about all of the features in IntelliMerchant you could easily think that it would be priced at over a hundred thousand dollars.  While it is extremely powerful software, IntelliCatalog, Inc. offers its customers all of the benefits available from having an online catalog at a much more affordable price and on an essentially risk-free basis.  IntelliCatalog's Pricing Plans
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